For Developers

  • Seamlessly integrated into your workflow.
  • A single API and CLI for every feature.

For Businesses

  • Distribute software with confidence.
  • Eliminate the costs and overhead of building your own solution.
  • Schedule releases to match your marketing strategies.
  • Development
  • Staging
  • Production

Get Feedback Faster

Promote your builds through different stages from development, to staging, to production and control who have access to each stage.

Control Your Distribution Groups

Manage the release lifecycle of your product and quickly release it to a distribution group, like the QA team, external beta testers or directly to your customer.

QA Team



Make Your Software Secure

Mark a release as mandatory or deprecate a version to ensure that your audience has the latest stable features and bug fixes.
We support digitally signed artifacts and provide checksums for every assets of your builds.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Releases

Keep track of your application growth and versions adoption with statistics and metrics. Use audit logs to understand your organization activities and improve your workflow.

Give Us Feedback

We are currently on ALPHA stage, new features may be added or changed during this phase.

If you have any suggestion, feature request or to learn more about our product, please contact us.